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Girls Clothes Highlands NCHighlands Kids was started in 1997 in Highlands, NC, as Village Kids. Irina Taylor, who emigrated from Russia in 2000 and married a local businessman, had always dreamed of owning her own clothing business. She was raised under communism until the Berlin Wall fell. She never thought her dream could become reality. Her opportunity came in April of 2009 when Village Kids went up for sale. Although uncertain about the economy, she forged ahead, and through her hard work, Highlands Kids is successful and thriving. Irina, now an American citizen, loves her adopted country and is grateful for the opportunity our great country gives everyone.

Please make the short trip to the beautiful mountains of Highlands, North Carolina, to be our guest here at Highlands Kids, where Irina will welcome you and show you her dream line of children's clothing. We are just a short drive from Cashiers, NC, so if you are vacationing in Cashiers North Carolina, please take the time to drive over.

For more information about our store for Jackson County NC Kids Clothing, please contact us at 828-526-5799, or email us.